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Representations of Frank Gehry – Free – Sydney Pollack narrative investigates Frank Gehry’s imaginative course of, from drawing to making the physical and 3D models to the actual advancement. – Free–An honor winning narrative taking a gander at Argentina’s reaction to popular emergencies. Report from the Aleutians–Free–John Huston, while an individual from the U.S.

Lovely people… Mr. Leonard Cohen–Free–This Canadian narrative catches Leonard Cohen similarly as he was ready to start his vocalist lyricist calling. John Peel’s Record Box – Free – British narrative investigates the most valued information in John Peel’s enormous archive grouping, which he saved put away in an extraordinary field.

Each Child–Free–Eugene Fedorenko’s vivified short about a bothersome kid really focused on by destitute guys. Drums West – Free – Cut-paper activity by Jim Henson. It is viewed as one of a few test shorts propelled by the music of jazz pleasant Chico Hamilton.

The Mascot–Free–This 1934 film by the Russian illustrator Wladyslaw Starewicz spearheaded various stop liveliness strategies, making it an original film inside the historical backdrop of movement. The Junky’s Christmas–Free–Short claymation film featuring William S. Burroughs. Danny the Carwiper spends Christmas Day making an endeavor to achieve a fix, anyway finds the Christmas soul as another option. The John Lennon Sketchbook – Free – Oscar-productive illustrator John Canemaker rejuvenates the drawings and doodles of John Lennon. The Hole–Free–A 15-minute energized film by John Hubley and Faith Hubley that got an Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film in 1962. The Happy Prince–Free–A dependable delivering of an Oscar Wilde adolescents’ story.

The God Delusion – Free – Oxford developmental scientist Richard Dawkins contends that the world could be in an ideal situation without confidence. The Distortion of Sound – Free – A narrative concerning the decrease of sound quality and the manner in which innovation has changed the manner by which we notice to music. The Cry of Jazz–Free–Controversial film by Ed Bland investigates focuses around African-Americans and jazz in the United States. Incorporates interviews with craftsmen and intelligent people and exhibitions by Sun Ra and John Gilmore. In 2010, the film was picked for conservation inside the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress. The Crazy Never Die – Free – brief shot-on-video narrative that investigates the extra openly wild and performative part of Hunter S. Thompson’s character. The Complete Star Wars Filmumentaries – Free – Jamie Benning has made a set of three of narrative editorials on the Star Wars set of three.

Anémic Cinéma–Free–Marcel Duchamp’s vanguard film joins spinning optical fantasies, for the most part known as Rotoreliefs, with spiraling quips and modern word play. American History – Free – A messed up researcher film from South Park maker Trey Parker. William S. Burroughs and Lawrence – Free – William S. Burroughs and his years in Lawrence, Kansas. He lived in Lawrence longer than in some other spot and chose to go through the last quite a while of his life here.

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