How To Extend The Battery Life Of Your Samsung Galaxy S

As we have all seen, the new Samsung Galaxy S is really a unique phone. The curved screen and the user friendly interface of this phone have become one of the most wanted and desirable handsets in the market. However, it has its own disadvantages too. That is why many Galaxy S owners are complaining about the battery life of their phones.

It is amazing how technology can get better everyday. But this phone seems to have been able to move ahead with time. Now days, you can easily charge your Samsung Galaxy S even when you are out of the house. That is how advanced this device really is. This article will guide you in improving the battery life of your phone.

We all know that a fully charged battery lasts for a longer period of time. The battery life of the Samsung Galaxy S needs to be maximized to give you more usage time. There are several factors which determine the performance of your battery. One of these factors is the intensity of use. Below are the tips to improve your battery life.

Keep your Samsung Galaxy S at least when you are using it. Even if you are not using your phone, leave it inside your car or in other space where there is no other phone. Make sure that you do not take your phone with you while running. If you do so, you will only be adding to your monthly phone bills.

Do not charge your phone under low levels. Most of the battery power consume is due to the battery power being used by the device. If your device is kept at low levels, you will also be wasting a lot of battery power which will make your device last for only a few hours. Make sure that you charge your phone according to the recommended levels.

Do not let your Samsung Galaxy S run for a long time when it is not being used. Your phone’s battery will not last for a long time if you keep it running constantly. Instead, make sure that you use it for a longer time when you can. Do not use the phone for a very long time when you are away from the charger. You will also be wasting more battery life. You should allow the battery to complete its charging cycle before you go off and return to it.

Do not use your Samsung Galaxy S on vibrating screens. These screens will consume a lot of power. The screen vibrates when a new incoming call or an email comes in. This will not help you save much battery life. You can do the usual functions when the phone is not vibrating.

Make sure that you have an updated version of the Samsung Galaxy S. This model is supported by the latest operating systems and they tend to make the phones more powerful and efficient. If you do not have the latest operating system version, do not worry. You can install the older OS, which will help you save some battery power.

Do not use your phone when you are doing something complicated. Do not try to do multiple tasks at the same time. Do the task one at a time. Do not play games that require the use of the mobile phone’s data connection. Instead, use the data cable to play these games.

Turn off the data connection when you are not using the phone. Do not keep the phone in an enclosed area. Exhaust all possible means of turning off the phone’s battery. This includes switching it off with a phone cord. In addition, you can try to discharge the battery by wrapping it in a towel.

You can use a USB driver software to download files that can help extend the life of the battery. However, you should be careful. Some of the files you download might be infectious or harmful to the phone’s memory. It is better to use trusted sites to download these files. The sites usually offer free trials to their files.

Do not let your Samsung Galaxy S battery run down completely. You can help your phone’s battery to last longer by using the Notebook Recovery Utility. This tool will help to fix various minor problems in your Samsung Galaxy S. For example, the random reboot or blue screen error might come up randomly if there is too much unused data in your registry. This tool will fix these problems and will make your Samsung Galaxy S runs faster and better. The advanced tool also allows you to fix some system errors without losing your data.

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